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Plain, Feria, bmx

Par Emmanuelle,
Experte sorties et musique ...


 Hi !, i ‘ve just come back from two months in summer camps.

I ‘ve seen on Facebook that a MBX  is going to happen, in the area of  “la plaine”.

A MBX is a group of riders who want to spend a day riding together.

It’s a good reason for me to go there, meet my friends and film them.


I called my friend of 2G production to know if he was ready for the 31th of august.

Ooh yeah, Arthur Dubrunfaut has organized his event during the feria of Carcassonne.

Like every summers’end, it’s time to have the big meeting  before school begins.


The next day, I took my stuff and went with  Yoann  to get the generator at another friend.

We crossed downtown, ten minutes by car and we were at “ plaine  mayrevielle “.


Go along “le parcours de santé “near the river AUDE and after 10 minutes’ walk, you‘ll be in a little paradise.

It’s 12 o ‘clock, we burned the wood for the barbecue. Crowd is coming… the trail, the bowl, the swimming, the area is just wonderful and welcoming. The sun and the atmosphere are there. We have really something great for a video.


We wanted to highlight the moment, the happiness of people , the different level of ride….

This place has always been exiting but it really evolved a lot since this event.

The local people come regulary to walk in this very pleasant and peaceful area. It is a beautiful place in the middle of the forest, fresh during the hot season, and the river Aude offer also  the possibility to  bathe …

A little paradise that we want you to know


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