Aude and Marc have tested for you...

our offer Gouffre of Cabrespine & Spa


Marc & Aude

Original couple from Ariège, they chose Carcassonne and its surroundings for a cocooning weekend

Sensations and relaxation guaranteed!


Winter is here, the bears of the Ariège have returned to hibernation, our cat remains at the corner of the fireplace ... Aude and I preferred to seek the warmth at 250m under the mountain, at the giant abyss of Cabrespine: 14 ° C constant, and big sweat on the speleo-acrobatic course!

I thought I was going too fast on a zipline, because I got flashed ... In fact, this is a souvenir photo. Since you don't always have enough hands to hold on, it's handy. Philippe and his accompanying colleagues are very reassuring, and made us discover their treasures, even more magical in the light of the headlamp: draperies, cave pearls ... Thank you Philippe!

Still lower, we discovered the underground river, under its masses of dense rocks. An impressive and curiously soothing atmosphere. Going up to the sun is worth a good cardio exercise in the gym! Back at the hotel in Carcassonne, the balneotherapy session saved us from aches. We gave ourselves a little pampering, too!

Useful information

Cabrespine Gouffre :

58 € for the underground river
37 € uros for the acrobatic course
Make less than 120 kilos, and more than 160 cm arms raised
Phone. 04 68 26 14 20 |

Spas at the hotel:

Carita Spa at the Montmorency Hotel (3 *)
Tel 04 68 11 96 70 |

Eliospa at the Hôtel des Chevaliers (4 *) and the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel (5 *)
Phone. 04 30 34 01 22 |

Spa of the five worlds
Hotel de la Cité (5 *)
Tel 04 68 71 98 71 |


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