Augmented reality experiences


1 app, 3 routes and 3 unique experiences to discover from your smartphone! Paying everywhere else the City of Carcassonne in partnership with the Municipal Tourist Office will offer you to discover several sites of the City as it has never been done! Download the Carcassonne Interactive app for free and set off for 3 unique experiences through the Medieval City of Carcassonne, Bastide Saint-Louis and Lac de la Cavayère. Course offering all of augmented reality, 360 videos, films ... All of the games will also be available in paper version for children without a suitable mobile phone.

How it works ?

Option #1 : Go to the Apple store or Google Play with your smartphone then download the "Carcassonne Interactive" application

Option #2 : Go to the home page of the "Carcassonne Tour" tourist office application and select "Discover the Carcassonne interactive application ".

Once the app is downloaded, you will need to be there to start each game.