Fitou and Corbieres

Fitou's wines

A region where the vines are on intimate terms with the sky and which extends from the coast to the approaches to Carcassonne. This southern landscape, swept by winds from the sea and created by rock and light, at times austere and mysterious, is the cradle of great wines.

The region is shared out between eleven Corbières-producing areas and two Fitou, each of them varying from its neighbour, both in terms of its landscape and the men who are its occupants. It is a veritable kaleidoscope in which the past seems to lay out the future, endowing its wines with a distinctive and pronounced character, charged with history and yet insistently modern.

A land where the Carignan grape is king, where the “r” is rolled under the vigilant eye of the fortresses of Queribus and Peyrepertuse, guarantors of the authenticity and the defining signature of the fruits of the vine-growers’ labours.

The wines of Corbières and Fitou speak to us of men, of a way of life and of a land with undertones of characteristic southern scrublands and the stamp of sensations, emotions and temptations…

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