1531 saw the birth of the first sparkling wine, its cradle being the abbey of Saint Hilaire.

Sparkling, impertinent, the bubbles of Blanquette or Crémant are a seductive force to be reckoned with. Dancing in the glass, they invite you to listen to the age-old story of Mauzac supported by Pinot and backed by Chenin and Chardonnay for a greater complexity.

LIMOUX, the essence of which is its bubbles, boasts other great assets: Chardonnay, a still wine and a red AOP.  Unstinting recognition by all professionals and amateurs alike has spread the appellation’s renown beyond its frontiers.

Something of an exception in the wine-producing landscape of the Languedoc, the appellation’s AOP wines flaunt their distinctive character with pride.

LIMOUX wines are the very embodiment of the soils and the producers - men and women - who share with us the elegance, gourmet character and balance of their distinctive and festive wines.


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