The MINERVOIS area is bordered by the Canal du Midi and the Montagne Noire, stretching from the heights of Narbonne to the approaches to CARCASSONNE. The dominant Mediterranean climatic characteristic with an oceanic influence makes the appellation area a well-favoured grape-growing country in which the story of the land combines with the history of its wines.

The reds reveal all their charm through the presence of the voluptuous Syrah and the warmly welcoming Grenache, with an admixture of Carignan and Mourvèdre to temper their ardour. Such a blend gives the various wines their potency, complexity and freshness. Also worth discovering are the whites and rosés with their charm and felicitousness.

One needs to listen to these men and women speaking of their way of life and giving glimpses of the secrets of a mysterious alchemy, the passion they bring to their work. Behind the technical aspects of that labour they offer to share with us what they have that is better.


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