Easter week

in Carcassonne

April 15, 16 and 17

Easter is approaching and like every year you wonder where to leave your bags next April 15, 16 and 17... This is THE ideal weekend to plan a short getaway, and why not in Carcassonne? Take a family break and have a great weekend full of activities! Therefore, we tell you how to make the most of Holy Week in the city:

A treasure hunt especially for Easter

Dame Carcas has a secret to make life smile at her. Today, she shares it with you. Every year in spring, 7 crystal chickens descend from the sky to hide magical eggs within the city. According to legend, whoever finds them will be able to open the enchanted chicken coop and see their greatest wish come true.

Available at the reception of the Tourist Office of the Medieval City - Impasse Agnès de Montpellier

Medieval workshops for children

Discover the secrets of the Middle Ages with various thematic workshops: Calligraphy, Heraldry, Leatherworking, Journey of the Knight, Cooking in the Middle Ages, Making Headdresses and Medieval Dances. There is something for all tastes!


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A total immersion in history.

Discover the Medieval City in a different way thanks to this new virtual reality film from June 26, 2021! Take a seat in the Cistern Tower, put on your virtual reality headset and explore the city. Fully immerse yourself in the history of the City from the creation of the Oppidum to the present day, passing through the Middle Ages and then its dismantling.


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A journey of little knights

Become knights in the making, mount your steeds and conquer the castle! (children up to 12 years old)


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A visit to the Medieval City

Descubre la historia y los secretos de esta fortaleza que ha sobrevivido siglos, guerras y epidemias. En un pequeño grupo de 22 personas como máximo, nuestro guía aplicará todas las medidas de barrera de seguridad para ayudarlo a descubrir la rica historia de la ciudad de Carcassonne.


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