Focus | The garden of Calvary

A heritage site too little known ... Located at the southwest corner of the old lower city, the garden of Calvary in Carcassonne is a space with obvious charm, often unknown to locals and tourists alike. It is today property of the City and remains assigned to the Christian cult. This strategic site, renamed over the centuries Grosse tower, bastion of mills and garden of Calvary, deserves special attention.

The Focus shows, step by step, how the context of each period has led to a change in the function and appearance of this site, in order to illuminate as much as possible the complex composition of the current garden. The recent efforts of the City in favor of the heritage of the city center are undeniable: successive requalifications of the various squares, campaigns of compulsory renovation of the facades, ten-year restoration of the church of Saint-Vincent ... The in-depth renovation of this bastion-calvary-cemetery-garden of exception, is already identified.

Such a project, however, requires significant funds and therefore responsible preparation. But the potential of the site is obvious, both to improve the living environment of the inhabitants and to enrich the offer for tourists.

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