The specialties of Carcassonne

Carcassonne and Gastronomy

Food from the near Mediterranean and the countryside, fruits from neighboring orchards, market gardening from Aude, cheeses from the Montagne Noire and the Pyrenees, chestnuts, truffles and other forest mushrooms, have given rise to strong culinary traditions. . Cassoulet is one of the most famous illustrations, but not the only one.


Fan of sweet or fan of salty, your stomach will thank you at the end of your stay in Carcassonne. Discover and taste the many gustatory pleasures offered by the Medieval City but also the Bastide Saint-Louis (Center of the lower town).



I love sweet!

Le Petit Carcassonnais

The must-eat of the city! This little treat created in 1928 by Mr. Gau and that is sold by the Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Fuster will delight your taste buds.

Les Grès de la Cité

These little brick-shaped candies made since 1958 are a real pleasure for praline lovers. To discover in the La Ferme shop.

Le Carcassonnais

The Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Fuster offers you the specialty "Le Carcassonnais". A brioche dough and a custard with candied fruit, what could be better?


Les Écus de la Cité

A box of 18 ecus of the city with dark chocolate or milk chocolate which is the perfect souvenir of Carcassonne.

Les Bouchons

This chocolate in the shape of a Champagne cork garnished with a ganache and grapes macerated in a Chardonnay de Limoux are a real gem to discover at Maison Bor.


An excellent cake with candied fruits, soaked in Grand Marnier syrup and wrapped in a crêpe batter brought to you by the Chocolaterie-Pâtisserie Bimas.

Le Cassoulet Glacé

This specialty from Chocolaterie-Pâtisserie Bimas is an iced version of the famous hot Cassoulet. Swap the beans and duck with vanilla, nougatine, chestnuts and sour cherries and you have an excellent dessert.

Le Tourgnol

Anise took hold of Aude and bakers were inspired by creating this delicious Anise Brioche. To discover at the Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Fuster.


I like the salty!

Le Cassoulet

Emblematic dish of the region which exists in several versions including Carcassonnaise. This dish is to be enjoyed in an airtight terracotta container which gives it its typical appearance so sought after. Different Carcassonne chefs offer Cassoulet on their menu, to (re) discover it.


La Saucisse de foie sec

This traditional pork charcuterie has an original and strongly distinctive taste. To be enjoyed cold as an aperitif or hot for your salads and other dishes, you cannot fail to be charmed by its taste.


La Truffe

The ingredient to sublimate all your dishes, the essential of your festive recipes: La Truffe. This black diamond adds a bit of magic to your menus. To taste and find in various producers' shops in Carcassonne.