In March, Dame Carcas is in the spotlight!

A must expo...

Expo autour de la Légende de Dame Carcas

Chapelle des Dominicaines - Carcassonne

Du 17 au 21 mars 2020

Do you know the legend?

The Saracen occupation ... a period of history which inspired many authors of the Middle Age to create one of our most famous legends ...

Let yourself be told the story of Dame Carcas ...

The emperor besieges Carcassonne. The buckwheat king BALLAK is killed and it is then that his wife "Dame Carcas" decides to intervene. The siege has been going on for 5 years already and famine has got the better of the last defenders .... Alone, behind the ramparts, Dame Carcas is watching. She has mannequins of straw; unhooks crossbow squares from the besieging army to make it believe that the defenders are still numerous in the heart of the walls. In the city, there remains only a small pig and a measure of wheat to feed the population. So Dame Carcas stuffed her pig with the rest of the wheat and threw it over the rampart. The pig bursts when touching the ground and from its torn belly, a stream of good grain escapes. Charlemagne immediately had a useless siege lifted: we had so much wheat in Carcassonne that we fed the pigs! Before the great army disappeared, Dame Carcas called Charlemagne back to make peace. She blew the trumpets "Carcas blasts". Then the emperor retraced his steps to receive his allegiance!

An exhibition dedicated to Dame Carcas

This exhibition is based on the presentation of the originals, illustrations and paintings produced for the book "The Illuminated Manuscript of the Legend of Dame Carcas" written and edited by Christian Jaumes.

Around this theme, the author has assembled a group of speakers and artists in order to complete his proposal and to constitute, through the diversity of offers, a broader and richer reading of the spirit and charm of founding legend of Dame Carcas.

The exhibition takes place from March 17th to 21st at the Chapelle des Dominicaines.

Free entry | Open from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.