The torchlight walk ...

An unusual discovery of the Medieval City

Saturday December 7th at 6:30 pm

For the benefit of the Telethon

The inevitable torchlight walk

As every year at the beginning of December, the descent of the medieval city of Carcassonne is brightened by the colors of flaming torches ... Put on your most beautiful medieval costume and live with us the fabulous Torchlight March. We invite you to meet on Saturday, December 7 at the entrance of the Medieval City in front of the Levis Bridge from 18:30.

The festivities will begin with a fire show (sticks, diabolos, bolas and firebird) and a cantèra with Canti Canta on the espalanade of the Prado. You can then buy your torch (torch for adults and tube light for children) for 3 €. All profits from torch sales will be donated to the Telethon.

An unusual discovery of The Medieval City ...

The torchlight procession is just the grand launch of festivities and Christmas magic in Carcassonne ... Between friends or family, torch or tube light in hand, costume or not, you are ready to participate in the strolling! At 19:00, you will leave the drawbridge and go down to the Bastide ... You will arrive at Place Carnot around 20:00 to enjoy the magic of Christmas with a glass of wine offered.

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