The essentials of your summer

A stay in Carcassonne in the heart of summer entertainment or a quiet holiday in Carcassonne? The choice is yours!

To respond to the coronavirus crisis some measures have been taken. Sports activities, events, shows, bar and restaurant activities are suspended until further notice. Access to the forest massifs, beaches,  lakes, nautical bases, the medieval city of Carcassonne, the area around castles and abbeys as well as the Canal du Midi banks is forbidden.

Carcassonne will be pleased to welcome you as soon as the situation has improved.


Carcassonne: top start for a lively holiday!

You are planning your summer holidays and you are looking for a destination in France, rather touristy, lively enough to be able to have fun, while discovering the cultural jewels of your holiday resort. Stop, look no further! Carcassonne is the destination of your summer! Medieval and shopping streets, restaurants with lively terraces, hotels, youth hostel, castle and ramparts, chivalry tournaments but above all festivals, féria, and many other events ...! So ready to go? We give you our favorite places and events for a successful ambient vacation:

Let's enter the Middle Ages

The Porte Narbonnaise is the main gateway to the Medieval City of Carcassonne. When you arrive, go through here and go straight: you will arrive directly in one of the most busy and commercial alleys of the City: the Cros Mayrevieille street ...! Don't stop in such a good way, other pretty lively streets await you!

Let's go through Marcou Place

Looking for a restaurant on the terrace in the heart of the Medieval City and located in a lively square? Marcou Place will be one of your HQ during your stay ... Pleasant day and night, come and have a drink, lunch or dinner! Don't forget to walk the other alleys of the city: you will find great restaurants to taste a good cassoulet! Discovery of the culinary art of the southwest guaranteed and atmosphere guaranteed in the tapas bars of the Medieval City and the Bastide!

Let's have fun at the Festival

The Carcassonne Festival is one of the highlights of the summer. With its "IN" concerts which take place at the Jean Deschamps Theater in the City and the "OFF" concerts which are held in Bastide Saint-Louis, this is the perfect opportunity to spend a few frenzied evenings in Carcassonne.

Celebrate July 14th or dance at Feria

Ready to take your eyes and ears full? On July 14, we meet up with the juillettists to attend the famous Fireworks of the Medieval City! Rather Augustian at heart? We are waiting for you for the 2020 edition of the Feria de Carcassonne ... Olé!

Carcassonne: quiet and cool holidays!

Are you planning your summer vacation and looking for a destination where there are lots of things to do but away from the hubbub? A city where you can visit sites far from the crowd in complete privacy? You don't know it yet, but Carcassonne is the destination for you this summer! Come and enjoy the freshness of the south ... In Carcassonne, in summer, there is no heat wave that you can not tame! There are many shaded streets, in the City as in the Bastide, along the Canal or the banks of the Aude. A few tens of kilometers in the Black Mountain, the paths weave through the ferns of this first mountain of the Massif Central, and jump many streams. After a swim at Cavayère lake, we also like the cool tranquility of the Cabrespine chasm, or the Limousis caves. Waiting for the shade to lengthen on the terraces until the end of the night. Still too hot? Go up to the Pic de Nore, which contemplates Carcassonne at its feet. So ready to go? We give you our tips to discover our heritage with confidence.

Discover the Medieval City from the Porte d'Aude

Curiously, the Medieval City conceals, even in the height of summer, quiet and intimate alleys, leading to magnificent views of the Black Mountain, in the shade of its oldest, Gallo-Roman towers…. No less pretty than the Porte Narbonnaise, the Porte d'Aude is quite simply the most overlooked of visitors. Accessible on foot via small alleys and stairs, you will reach the Medieval City by the most peaceful route ...

Discover the tasty Bastide

It is here that the Carcassonne inhabitants, gourmets and inveterate connoisseurs, come to stock up on high-quality local products at good prices. Follow the natives! At the market or in traditional shops, ask for the addresses of wine cellars in the neighboring areas. 6 distinct vineyards await you!

Explore the Bastide Saint-Louis

Welcome to the city center! The bastide Saint-Louis is a super pleasant place where life is good. Take advantage of Gambetta Square or André Chénier square, walk to the Portal of the Jacobins, stroll the streets and stop at Carnot Place for lunch or dinner!

Take some fresh air!

It's summer and it's hot ... Visit the Museum of Fine Arts in peace or go in the Saint-Vincent church by going to discover its bell tower! Don't forget to pass by the Saint-Michel Cathedral, its pleasant square promises you a peaceful moment!

Lazing on the banks

Take a walk or a bike ride on the banks of the Aude, one of the stages of the inevitable way of St Jacques de Compostella, where let yourself be tempted by a cruise on the Canal du Midi from the port of Carcassonne.

Relax in La Cavayère

A few kilometers from the city center of Carcassonne, lovers of nature and the great outdoors can relax at La Cavayère lake. Beach, nautical activities, tree climbing, walk around the lake on foot or by bike, ... Moments of relaxation and tranquility guaranteed!