The museums into your house

Virtual exhibitions to see at home

While you are invited to stay at home, confined due to the epidemic of Coronavirus, but a little visit to the museum, you still miss a little, we offer you a selection of virtual visits and other digital collections of some Carcassonnais museums, to discover quietly without leaving your home. Rather than making a cross on the flagship exhibitions of Carcassonne, why not discover it differently? Here are some virtual exhibitions to see or review.

The MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS as if you were there!

From your sofa, visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Carcassonne! Unmissable cultural place of Bastide Saint-Louis place, admire the paintings in these different rooms ... Let's go for a little free visit!

Zoom on PERRIER's work

Despite the closure to the public, Emilie Frafil, head of the Museum of Fine Arts, gives you the opportunity to discover a work from the museum's permanent collections: The History of Acis and Galatea, by the painter François Perrier (1594-1649). An interesting reading of the work which will surely make you want to come and discover it when it will be possible ... Have a good virtual visit!

Zoom on CARAUD's work

The Declaration is a painting which dates from 1877. Joseph Caraud, French artist, reveals here a scene between two young people. On the left, a kneeling young man left his hat and cane. He makes a statement to a young woman seated on a bench busy at her work. A bouquet of flowers has just been thrown to the ground. Discover all the secrets of this oil painter below.


Live from the HOUSE OF MEMORIES!

     From your sofa, discover some of the exhibitions at the Maison des Mémoires in Carcassonne! Place of flagship exhibitions of the Bastide Saint-Louis located rue de Verdun in Carcassonne, the Maison des Mémoires is above all a museum dedicated to the surrealist poet Joë Bousquet ... Discover its history virtually ...

Exhibitions to discover

In Carcassonne, the Maison des Mémoires, with an exceptional documentation center, is a place of exhibitions, conferences and editions which brings together the history of art, the history of the sciences of man and that of the constitution of identities. Make your confinement a true cultural journey by discovering numerous exhibitions virtually!