The must visits

Discover the selection of the MUST of our Guided Tours

Passionate about history ? A bit curious in search of originality or rather careful in search of safe values? We have the visit you need! Guided tours during the day for the wisest, nocturnal visits for the most adventurous (in summer), guided tours for fans of Molière (in summer) ... in short the tourist office has thought of everything for you and here is our selection visits to absolutely book!

#Classic guided tour

This is the "best-seller" tour that will give you all the secrets of the Medieval City. Accompanied by a guide speaker, the guided tour of the Médieval City of Carcassonne in english will give you another look at the city and its 2500 years of history. Live a real trip in the past ...!

# 6/12 years old Children Guided Tour

The guide, dressed, embodies an inhabitant of the city who tells you his life at that time, in a fun and interactive way. An ideal visit to discover the history of the Medieval City with your family! This guided tour is only in French or in spanish.

#Treasure Hunt Tour

The legend tells that a treasure would be hidden in the City of Carcassonne ... Will you find it? One way to find out is to come to the tourist office to pick up your "Treasure Hunt Box" or order it directly online! It's your turn !

#Tour of Château Comtal

It is the visit not to be missed under any circumstances if you wish to better know the history of the Medieval City. Indeed, the Castle Comtal played a very important role in the history of politics and history of the city. Get your tickets fast!