Tourism and Disability

The French charter scheme “Tourisme et Handicap” provides those with disability a range of reliable, consistent and objective information on the accessibility and amenities to be found at tourist attractions and accommodation in respect of the four major categories of disability, namely physical, visual, auditory and mental).


The Tourist Office of Carcassonne is labeled:

     physical disability,
     mental handicap,
     hearing impairment,
     visual impairment.


The Municipal Tourist Office of Carcassonne is committed to the label "Tourism and Handicap" to ensure its customers a quality welcome and accessible equipment. Two receptionist agents attended awareness training on "Reception of disabled people in OTSI"

Actions for motor disability:

Medieval City Tourist Office:

Presence of 12 sites for the PMR facing the main entrance of the City, access to the tourist information office by the Levis-Pont and Cros Mayrevieille Street.

At the time of crossing the Narbonnaise Gate, a small difficulty presents itself to you in front of the Levis-bridge, presence of big paving stones, once the entrance crossed, you go up the main street which starts after the porch, always straight up to to reach the 2nd intersection on the right, impasse Agnès de Montpellier.

You will find a sign with the logo with the wheelchair indicating "Tourist Office"

The entrance is through a courtyard which is accessed by an open gate that leads to the entrance door of the office. The PMR office is at the bottom right next to the toilet.

Presence of adapted toilets.

Downtown Tourist Office

Development of a parking space standards with protected path to the Tourist Office located nearby, accessibility of our structure, presence of adapted toilets.

Loan of a wheelchair on the two tourist offices (Cité impasse agnès de Montpellier Bastide: 28 rue de Verdun)

Actions for the mental handicap:

Clarity in the availability, by themes, of our various brochures and posters.

Actions for hearing impairment:

Provision in our premises (Medieval City and Bastide Saint Louis) of a home kit for the hearing impaired composed of a personal listening system (Comfort Duett) rechargeable that amplifies the sound of a conversation and than a magnetic necklace MP3 that can restore, without loss to the hearing aid, the stereo sound of an MP3 player.

Actions for visual impairment:

Provision of a presentation of the city in Braille and enlarged characters. Audio guides that can be used by accompanied visually impaired people.

Possibility to book a guided tour in sign languages.

The website of the Tourist Office of Carcassonne is also designed to be usable, navigable and understandable by any type of user, whatever the software used: browsers of any operating system, braille display, speech synthesis software .

To discover the Aude, Cathare Country, in French Sign Language and to know the tourism offer labeled Tourism and Handicap in real time, visit the website of the Departmental Agency of Tourism of Aude