Your medieval workshops

in Carcassonne

The Municipal Tourist Office invites you to discover the secrets of the Middle Ages to your children (6-11 years old).

These workshops will be a unique moment to unveil all the medieval arts in small groups of 6 children maximum with a trained facilitator. To discover every Wednesday, weekends and school holidays.

Program :

Alternating workshops changing every day


Meet at the Municipal Tourist Office of the Cité - Impasse Angès in Montpellier. For each of the workshops (except Fou du Roi and Parcours du Chevalier), your children will leave with their own creation which will forever remain a wonderful memory of their visit to Carcassonne: Calligraphic bookmark on Moulin de Brousse paper, wooden shield with coat of arms, leather bracelet stamped with the child's first name, medieval headdress.


Please note that your children remain under your supervision during the workshops.


Mandatory reservation


The magic happens... a point, a line, a curve, slowly letters take shape, the reed pen, this bevelled reed, dips into the ink and runs over your sheet. Let your imagination and creativity run free. On the advice of your facilitator, words in beautiful writing are already appearing on paper made by hand in a nearby mill. Here is a nice bookmark to keep or to offer as a souvenir of this initiation to the art of writing, which will make you an artist.

Leather work

Do you know how beautiful leather bracelets are made? It's simple, all you need is a piece of leather, some letters that you hit with a mallet, some dye* and a super animator who will tell you all about the history of leather and help you to make your own personalized leather strap with vegetable tanning. What a great souvenir to take home and show off to friends!


Heraldry is the science of the coat of arms. But what is a coat of arms? In the middle of the Middle Ages, soldiers covered themselves with distinctive colored signs to be able to recognize each other on the battlefield. During knight tournaments, the "Herald" described and announced the knights entering the tournament, recognizing them by these signs. This is the birth of Heraldry. You will discover in this workshop the different coats of arms from the Middle Ages to the present day and soon the symbols used will no longer hold any secrets for you. You can then draw and create, with the help of your facilitator, your own coat of arms on a wooden shield. It's up to you to personalize it with your arms and create your family's coat of arms! You are now ready for the knight tournament!

Headdress making and medieval dances

A long long time ago, in a kingdom where Knights lived, a princess invented a headdress to put on her head with a veil fluttering in the wind and sparkling jewels! Everyone at court only had eyes for her. If you also dream of making and decorating your own medieval headdress then join our facilitator who will help you make your dream come true. Now is the time to show off your pretty headdress to everyone, learn a few medieval dance steps and have fun in crazy farandoles! Let the party begin !

The Knight's Journey & Sword Fight

Demonstrate your bravery and strength with this workshop. It's time for you to become a brave knight and understand all the parries of sword fighting. Name your weapon of choice and discover all its secrets to be the most valiant. Your host will give you his tips for the most effective attacks but also to protect you from your assailant. You will then become a real knight with your dubbing ceremony.

Cooking in the Middle Ages: Spices & flavors

Medieval cuisine was rich in flavors, smells and colors. Spices were used both to give flavor, color sauces and meats, but also to color textiles, heal or perfume. During this workshop, our facilitator will teach you to recognize spices and their usefulness. They will have no more secrets for you. Your host will show you the recipe for happiness cookies from the famous Hildegarde Bingen and help you make them. You will learn how to make hypocras, the brew of the Lords. You will leave with your delicious cookies, your drink, as well as a parchment with the recipes made to exercise your talents and eat like a great Lord. Ingredients: spelled flour, ground almonds, honey, butter, compote, spices (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon), fleur de sel - Information in bold for allergy sufferers.