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  • The objective of this interdisciplinary symposium that the Ethnopôle GARAE organizes in collaboration with the LERASS (University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) is to question the many uses of the historical knowledge on the medieval period, their various receptions and diversions of which they make the object in contemporary medievalism. Far from being absolutely new, the forms that the Middle Ages takes in the present must to the present diversification of the offer in museums, libraries, medieval festivals or other places of medievality, to be at the heart current issues of living history and cultural mediation. On the occasion of this colloquium, it is a question of encouraging, in the wake of heritage studies, and based on surveys located, angles of approach still little used, such as the place given to women, the role assigned to children, the implementation and use of participative devices, or the way in which these resurrected Middle Ages animate the traces (artifacts, monuments, archives, etc.) and act on their representation. Free entry
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