Concert at Pauligne

  • La Claranda Association is organizing a concert on Saturday October 5th at 9pm. Come and enjoy some music to dance with the concert BOULEGUE ANTOINETTE! Antoinette has ants in her feet, a smile on her lips, all dressed up, sparks full of miracles, hatches wide open ... It's spring! She does not want to lose a crumb of it .. Fool, move, stir, sing, shout, shake, run, jump, dance, Long live! "Boulègue, Antoinette!" It is 4 musicians accomplices of long time, with the instrumental panel unusual! Drums, flutes, maracas, guitars, vocals, clarinets, pans and trombones. "Boulègue, Antoinette!" is an invigorating concert, a breath of fresh air, an invitation to dance! By sparkling and energetic re-creations of choros, biguines, mazurkas, ripatoulères and other percussive and furious créolisées tournes, "Boulègue, Antoinette!" Will make us move the ch'ves ... and more! Julie - flute, trombone, voice, percussion Tony - guitars, voice, percussion Arnaud - sax, clarinets, megaphone, percussion Yoann - percussion, voice Price: 10 € / 8 € for members
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    10 €
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    8 €
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