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Concert at Carcassonne

  • Created in 1976 by Jean-Pierre Canihac and Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Les Sacqueboutiers undertook, around the sackbut and cornet book, the rediscovery of old brass. Their work, recognized for its quality, and their international success allow them to claim to belong to the musical heritage of Toulouse and France. The repertoire of Sacqueboutiers covers mainly the period from the Renaissance to Mozart. The program presented today, Instruments in Dialogue, straddles the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This is the era in which instrumental music has distinguished itself from the vocal music that was authoritative until then. It is also the moment when the organ, of a role of accompanist, becomes soloist. At the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, there were two organs facing each other in the sixteenth century. The arrangement of these instruments made it possible to compose works with two groups of voices and gave birth to a very widespread and very appreciated musical fashion: the "echo". Tonight, it is violin, cornet, sacqueboute and organ that have been chosen to dialogue. Thursday 19 December at 20:30 Prices: from 10 to 25 €
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