Concert ,  Festival at Carcassonne

  • 2 Days of Festival - 6 Concerts - 100% Rock FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8 - 8pm: - DOWN IN THE HOLD Down in the Hold makes in simple and sincere music, with dirty songs and power! These Audois invite us to "embark on the boat with them", we will surely not deprive ourselves! "If you're into singing, singles and powerful breakdowns, embark on the ship with us!" For fans of Turnstile, Trapped Under Ice, Madball, Blood 4 Blood, Sick Of It All, Downset, Bodycount ... - FEED THE CAT The Toulouse group Feed The Cat formed in 2013, we swing punk skate very melodic, technical, with a speed that bursts the speakers. Without much forcing the resemblance, fans of Darko, A Wilhelm Scream or other Satanic Surfers (for old), will find their account ... - THE SEXOPATH Formed somewhere in the south of France (Carcassonne), the quartet scours the scenes of the corner since 2006 to distil a punk-rock cradle, old-fashioned. The Sexopath sounds live, authentic, rock'n'roll. The group displays a certain ease to mix vocal lines - two singers, a singer, three stamps torn - without losing coherence or fluidity. The vocal ping pong games even infuse an appreciable dynamism to the guitars knitted in support. Their music lives primarily in the unique moment of live ... SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9 - 8pm: - MAD REAPER Mad Reaper is a French metal band from Carcassonne. The band consists of Arnauld (vocals), Alexis (guitar), Eddy (bass), Romain (drums) and finally Anthony (guitar) who joined the group recently. Mad Reaper expresses his rage through heavy and powerful riffs with an imposing voice. - NEAT Project launched in 2014 and having found its current line up in 2017, NEAT is a group from Toulouse, composed of 5 members heavily influenced by the Neo Metal scene of the 90s. With a dozen tracks and twenty concerts at counter, the band released its first self-produced EP "Join The Family" in February 2019, and the video clip "Crap Out" in stride. Fan of KORN, DEFTONES and others, go! - ICE COLD SHOT The Ice Cold Shot project was born from the tandem formed by the guitarist / composer Stan and the drummer Thibault D, two artists having discovered affinities by frequenting the same rock scene metal Toulouse. It was during the summer of 2014 that the project became a band when Thibault H. on bass / vocals and Cédric as lead vocalist entered the game. Halfway between Hardcore and Metalcore, the group creates a dark and effective universe, which can be found on his new album "WEAKNESS". Free
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