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Concert ,  Festival at Capendu

  • Second edition of the Etik'Arts but great premiere at Chai Cultural Space of Piedmont d'Alaric on October 11th and 12th! Discover the sound nuggets offered by the palette of current music, rhythm from the four corners of the planet, fusion to mix sounds and make sweat of happiness ... This is the new big date for lovers of music. party and concert !! This event is also there to restore the blazon of the festive music by leaving the place to seek in all the esthetics of the current musics and by opening to the mixture of the genres !! FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11th (from 8.30pm): - Pacheco Combo (Cumbia Electropical - 66) - Gambeat Radio Bemba Sound System (Electro Cumbia on Fire - ESP) SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER (from 8.30 pm): - DJ Vinodilo (Balkan Beat - 31) - Pad Brapad (Urban Music Tzigan - 75) Music'Al Sol are not only concerts, they are also values that are carried at arm's length to defend a fairer and more equitable world ... On each of its festivals , you can eat and drink organic and local, all the communication is carried out in respect of the environment, the whole of the decoration is from the recycling, and the association systematically develops an eco-citizen theme: for the Etik 'Arts it's time to defend Biodiversity, including a partnership with Sea Sheperd and Nature En Jeux! And to give the chance to all come to discover artists they may not know, the box office is replaced by a nice hat ready to receive a free participation! [The Chai at Capendu (11) - 63 avenue des Anciens Combattants Bar & Ethical Restoration on Place - CB accepted (min 10 €)] MORE INFO -> 2 /
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