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  • From July 9th to 31st, Jacques Charvet, artist painter, exhibits his paintings at La Citerne and presents his exhibition "Fantasmagorie". He orders a cosmos of chances and associations that imagine the osmosis between Man-Animal-Plant in the middle of the four elements. A small fish can converse with a small bird, a mermaid meet a Minotaur or Janus. Breathtaking its supports in cloths or tarpaulins that become the surface of his phantasmagoria in interlacing dressed in colors. Imaginary disorder in which we can enter, as we dance, to heart joy. Bitterois artist, Jacques CHARVET is a follower of free figuration, graphic arts, close to the art brut for part of his works. He interprets the lights and themes of the south-west, the Mediterranean, in solar compositions, noisy, gently shifted. But we must look again, for the feature is precise in its easy aspect; Subtle feelings, strong lines and details that enrich emotions are revealed. Free entry.
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  • Une belle surprise

    Une oeuvre éclectiques qui prend ces inspirations chez moto et picasso