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Exhibition at Carcassonne

  • Exhibition of 20 photographs on the breeding of "Toros" in Andalusia that will take place from August 2nd to 30th. Jean Reynès mainly practices humanistic and social photography. In his work that resembles reporting, he likes to mix scenes of life, portraits and landscapes because the interest of a photographic series is above all in the poetry that emerges and in the sharing of emotions ... is during a trip to Andalusia that he discovered the universe of ganaderos, the breeders of "toros". In the immense Andalusian plain, he was fascinated by these men who "in their other world" spend a good part of their day on horseback to raise these toros, beautiful wild beasts with demonic power ... Here, everything is steeped in tradition and religious and one has the impression of being in the last century and the ganadero on his horse, pricks in hand, seems like a Don Quixote next to the big wind turbines that reminds us of the modernity of our century. Aware that this subject is particularly sensitive, Jean Reynès worked only on breeding and continued this work during several trips, but without bias, focusing on showing the close links between men, their horses and the animals. toros ... The ganaderos love above all the crazy rides in the open spaces, they blow to the soul a wind of freedom ... The care to be given to the horses are meticulous because they must have in them a total confidence for approach the toros knowing that the slightest mistake would be fatal. They have a feeling of power to rub shoulders with death in front of a herd, with the clogs treading and the horns clashing ... Opening of the exhibition Thursday 1st at 18:30
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