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Exhibition at Carcassonne

  • For the sixth consecutive year, the bronze sculptures of the Catalan artist Marta Solsona will adorn the flowered alleys of Square Gambetta, throughout the summer period, from June 5 to September 20, 2020. The 5 sculptures already exhibited and acquired by the City of Carcassonne since 2015, 7 statues will join this incredible outdoor exhibition: a child who climbs a rope, another who wants to approach the water, symbols of innocence, of the well-being of the present moment but also nudes with generous shapes to express freedom, the courage of women, themes dear to the artist. A game of duality between the hardness of the material resistant to time and the fragility of the emotions that emanate from it. As a message of hope to all who can admire it, it is the bronze sculpture Esperanza that the City of Carcassonne has chosen to acquire this year to complete and finalize these 6 years of artistic collaboration with the Spanish artist. Marta Solsona was born in the Eixample district of Barcelona and studied as a school teacher. She married very young and became the mother of four children. Subsequently, she discovers that her authentic vocation is the world of the plastic arts. She obtained the certificate of studies in drawing, painting, composition and color from the School of the Provincial Council of Barcelona. She finally chooses the path of sculpture. For several years, she was a pupil of the masters Rosa Martinez Brau and Josep Salvador Jassans. Thereafter. she is following a doctorate at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona and obtains the Certificate of studies in sculpture structures and techniques at Espace Philimon in Paris. For seven years, she was a member of the Exhibitions of the Artistic Circle of Saint Luke of Barcelona. The last ten years of its trajectory constitute a brilliant itinerary of individual and collective exhibitions, of prizes which have not only led his work in several cities of Spain, but also in France - in Paris, Toulouse, Narbonne, Bordeaux -, Florence , Copenhagen, Frankfort, New York, Miami, Geneva, Berlin, Salzburg, Dubai. .. 30 of his sculptures are installed in public places in different cities in Spain and France. Marta Solsona considers art as a way to educate, to reflect on the values of freedom and peace, beyond social domination and violence. For her, art is the "Door of Liberty", it is the liberation of thought and feeling, culture and education having a specific weight in today's very materialistic society. Through her works, Marta wants to transmit the hope of a better world and the idea that the children of today are the hope of tomorrow, in order to successfully establish Peace, Solidarity and Love between men . Through the paths of art, it is possible to send messages helping to bring out the sensitivity and feelings that all human beings have within themselves, but which are not always on edge: poetry, melody, painting, sculpture can help reveal them. The style of his sculpture (influenced by the great masters of classical Greek Sculpture), retains a figurative and "realistic current" line, sincere, constantly in search of absolute truth, without anecdotes or artifices and constantly committed to the principles and the values that are the reason for our existence.
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  • From June 5, 2020 until September 20, 2020
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