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  • Not wise ... Passage ... Pass age ... 3 artists gathered by a great complicity, question, cross, confront their works and give you to see the influence of time. Not wise: The artist poses rebellious face dogma by its ideologies, its forms, its gestures, its visual force, art must be the revealer, the symbol, the incarnation of time and history. Art as a tool of protest and denunciation. Passage: art as a smuggler between worlds, cultures, existences. Nature and art have always been in collusion, the natural object becoming an object of art passing from one state to another, from one place to another through the artist. Age Pass: Art uses the thread of time to weave its web. The light of art passes through the window of history. Practical information: Expo from 17 to 29 September Every day from 10:30 to 18:30 Free admission.
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