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  • The Feria de Carcassonne is a festive event with groups of salsa, flamenco, Occitan music, tango, musette, bandas and ambulatory fanfares, Sevillian dances and popular singers! A popular event, festive and friendly. 4 days of celebration where the city gets to Spanish time with free concerts every night. The Campo finds Boulevard Barbès, with about 40 bodegas that will offer you something to eat around tapas, paellas and other savory delicacies salty or sweet. A festive, family atmosphere, where the public, of all ages, will come to enjoy the sounds of Latin music, rock, French variety but also Sevillian dances and street entertainment (bandas). Who's The Cuban? : that is the question. The Franco-Cuban combo does not come out of nowhere, it has made its weapons in the wake of the Cuban tradition under the name "Son Del Salón". The group is making its way through the musical jungle: it composes 3 albums, gives more than 500 concerts with a tour in Cuba and plays on beautiful European scenes ... it's an honor to receive Who's The Cuban? September 1st at 19:30 for the Feria of Carcassonne!
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