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  • This festival has already attracted thousands of Audois and tourists through the years will still surprise you with exclusive creations, talented musicians, musical journeys and artistic performances. What about this exceptional exhibition of old instruments, some of which are unique pieces of a luthier audois! Whether you are a music lover, in love with the beautiful villages of our mountains, always looking for new talented artists or looking for a friendly moment, come enjoy a festival that is the pride of the territory. Preview Wednesday 31/07 in FONTIERS-CABARDES - 9 pm Opening: The Aude at the forefront of creation 21st century with the 1st promotion of the Academy of young songwriters Friday 2/08 in CAUDEBRONDE Special children and families - 15h00: Scene children's music - 5:00 pm: "An American in Caudebronde" with Steve Waring - 6:30 pm: "Parkour" show / Oz compagnie / Saturday 3/08 in SAISSAC - 9:00 pm: Les Troubadours and École Notre Dame de Paris; In times of courtly love XI-XIVth century Sunday 4/08 at CUXAC CABARDES -21h00: The Enchanted Road, All in Trenet; Twentieth century in songs Guest of honor Michel Fraisse and surprise party with the town hall of Cuxac Monday 5/08 in SAINT DENIS -21:00: World Music - Musicians audois between East and West Tuesday 6/08 at MAS CABARDES - 9:00 pm: Tribute to Claude Nougaro Wednesday 7/08 at SALSIGNE - 9:00 pm: Lounges at the tavern - L'Occitanie romantic and impressionist (19-20th century) Thursday 8/08 at LACOMBE - Estienne Moulinié or the splendors of the Baroque - Aude de la Renaissance and Baroque (16-17th century) Friday 9/08 at VILLARDONNEL: Closing - 9 pm: At the source of the dances of the Black Mountain - Traditional songs and dances (18-19th century)
  • From July 31, 2019 until August 9, 2019
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