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Concert ,  Festival at Carcassonne

  • ARTISTS RESERVOIR FESTIVAL: Everyone has their own style! Friday April 24 - 9:00 PM YALI Yali is a flamenco duo full of energy and feelings. The word Yali (or yeli) is an onomatopoeia or a "leilei", used especially at weddings when one sings the "alboréas". 15 years of complicity for this couple in love with flamenco and music in general, and 10 years now that the duo Yali exists, occurs, composes and vibrates to the rhythm of the back and forth between southern France and Andalusia, between guitar and lute Arabic, whether on the side of Cadiz, Granada or Huelva. The lovers of flamenco are overwhelmed by their performances and the novices discover a new love for this music so authentic and strong that is flamenco. MEMPHIS BLUES COMBO A UFO (unidentified vintage object) appeared in the French Blues constellation, in early 2017 near Narbonne. He is called Memphis Blues Combo - Style "Early Electric Blues" - and his approach is to our knowledge unique in France! The Memphis Blues Combo captures the exciting period from the late 1940s to the early 1950s in Memphis and Chicago (post-war electric blues) where "modern" recording technology, electricity and the blues collided to create unique music. With the look, the sound and the vintage instruments, they will offer you a journey back in time that you are not ready to forget. WAT WAT is a trio composed of guitars, voices and percussion. Their joint musical adventure began in the summer of 2012 in the streets, on the markets, with frenzied covers of great blues and rock classics. Little by little, the compositions became more numerous, intermingling blues, reggae, rock, jazz and world music influences, all on texts of libertarian inspiration, especially in English. The result was a warm and intimate music and the concerts were linked together with in particular the first parts of Zazie and FFF, further developing the irresistible groove felt in the public. With the release of three new open access titles already scheduled, WAT should return with a new album for the end of 2020. Saturday April 25 - 9:00 PM MADAK IN TRIO Madak takes us on the paths that wind between loves, reveries, desires and disillusions in his own playfulness. He likes to talk about the simple things in life that get back to basics. Accompanied by the solos of Pascal El Romano on guitar and the hard-hitting Olivier in the cajón, come and discover it at the Chapeau Rouge. UNISSON Reggae is universal music and Unisson has been a good illustration of it for many years. The Narbonnais group has become, over their many concerts in Aude, Hérault, Gard and many other regions, a group much appreciated by fans of the genre. This success is due to their inspirations, their Jamaican musical influences, sprinkled with African sounds and the pleasure that the members of this group have playing together, which is inevitably felt on stage. EXODUS DAKAR “If I take the microphone, it is for all those who cannot do it; my compositions, my music are the spokespersons of a change necessary for the expression of the evils of our society. ”This declaration represents well the philosophy of Exodus Dakar, group made up of the vocal lead Exodus Dakar and 5 musicians, state of mind that has continued to support them throughout their careers. A cultural diversity expressed in their 1st album "Là Où je suis" released on February 14, 2019. Guest of honor at the Festival Reservoir d'Artistes 2020: Alvine de Rio, Senegalese songwriter, will make you discover his world on Saturday 25 April at the Chapeau Rouge.
  • From April 24, 2020
    until April 25, 2020
  • Friday
    at 9:00 PM
  • Saturday
    at 9:00 PM
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