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  • In this show, which is presented to you on October 11, 2019, Moni Grégo presents, based on his texts and excerpts from Albert Camus, the story of an old Frenchman born in Algeria. The play offers a return on human dramas of the colonial era, through memories, between remorse and nostalgia, told to his son by a "black foot" named Etienne, and alternated with readings of the French writer and thinker. In a stripped decor, consisting of some furniture and a background of blue sky, the actor Yves Ferry and passes "Etienne the father", old man sick and tormented by his "blindness" in the face of the Algerian reality of the time , to "Albert the poet", humanistic intellectual and subjugated by the beauty of the country where he was born. Thanks to the many resonances between the two parties, this play sheds light on Albert Camus's "ambiguous" position on the Algerian war of independence and colonization, while deepening the inner conflict of a man at the twilight of his existence. . Rates: € 17, € 15, € 12, € 7, € 1
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  • On October 11, 2019 at 8:30 PM
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