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Market at Carcassonne

  • Enter the world of creation and nature with the 4th edition of the Marché des créateurs Sunday, September 29th. Rendezvous from 09:00 to 18:00 at the port of Carcassonne at the edge of the Canal du Midi, UNESCO World Heritage. You will meet the creators and craftsmen who came to present their work. You will find craft stands and creations, artists, painters, writers, handcrafted jewelry, lingerie, handbag, pottery, wood sculpture, and demonstrations workshop. Animations, strolls, artists and jazzy groups will also enliven the day. On site, refreshments, confectionery and games for children.
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  • tres bien

    agréable et ambiance assurée

    Owner's reply

    Bonjour , merci pour votre appréciation et en vous donne rendez vous . Le 28 /29 Septembre 2019 au port de Carcassonne , Cordialement , Association. Gisc. Arts Carcassonnais Jazz O Canal Marché des créateurs Dimanche 29 Septembre Marché des créateurs Nettoyons les berges du canal du Midi