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  • Insatiable backpacker, at the same time pianist, singer, composer, conductor, author and actor, Gilles Ramade has made dispersion an art. His latest show, Piano Furioso, is in his image: cheeky, surprising, unclassifiable. He shakes up academic codes and tackles the decorum of the classic. His meeting with Jérémy Ferrari was obvious. A cheeky and hilarious show, masterfully conducted by a virtuoso sharing his passion between Bach, Ray Charles, Gainsbourg and many others ... All generations laugh with the maestro. "A delightful spectacle to savor with the family" - TÉLÉRAMA "A disconcerting concert performer" - THE DUCK LINKED "As delirious as entertaining" - LE FIGARO MAGAZINE "This pianist makes codes dance" - LE PARISIEN
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  • On December 4, 2020 at 8:30 PM
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