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  • PERPLEX SATURDAY FEBRUARY 7 at 8:30 p.m. Cie l'Astrolabe - d'apres Marius Von Mayenburg Back from vacation in their apartment, Robert and Eva notice some changes: a funny smell near the sofa, the presence of a plant unknown, a problem with electricity ... Then comes Sébastien and Judith, their friends who were responsible for looking after the apartment during their absence. Their behavior is strange, Judith offers them a coffee, then tired, asks them to leave. Dumbfounded, the alleged owners of the apartment comply ... Perplexed then slides towards the moving and improbable areas of the absurd. We have fun with these grotesque moments that chase each other away, which open spaces for reflection on the perception of reality, the human condition, the confusion and the dispersion of our lives. PRICES: Full 17 € Member 15 € Reduced 12 € (job seeker, RSA, intermittent du spectacle, students, 12-25 years old) Children
  • Rates
  • Full-fare
    17 €
  • Reduce rate
    12 €
  • Child rate
    7 €
  • Membership rate
    15 €
  • Special rate
    1 €
  • On March 7, 2020 at 8:30 PM
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