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  • I called this collection of songs "Homeless Songs" ... Homeless, because these songs do not seem to me to have their place in the current music industry. They live elsewhere. They sleep outside. Which is by no means derogatory to me, quite the contrary. These songs are little stones. Small pebbles picked up by a child by the river. For an adult, it is impossible to understand what guided the choice of the child. Was it the pleasant freshness of the stone? A small pattern on its surface? A funny or funny shape? Chance? Now all these songs can wish for is to be heard; this net of attention that briefly connects the listener to the song, and through it, to me and my musicians. We took pleasure in caring for these moments of music to create a moment of relaxation, a comfortable space, the time for a little reverie. Or the best of the best: to create the feeling of being embraced by the song. It would be wonderful both for me and for the excellent musicians who surround me on this record and this tour. »Stephan Eicher
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  • On March 7, 2020 at 8:30 PM
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