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  • Friday, November 22 at 20:30 book your tickets for a theater evening with the play "Come on s'aime" by Flavia COSTE directed by Anne BOURGEOIS with Daniel RUSSO, Corinne TOUZET and Loup-Denis ELION! Scenario: Max is exhausted. Once again, when he comes home from exhausted work at 10pm, he finds the fridge empty and Charlotte trying new heels. In the course of another umpire, their neighbor from above, Dr. Love, author of a thesis on the life of two, goes down to beg them to separate. Can he help them to argue better for finally getting along? Prices: Orchestra / 1st Balcony: from 10 to 43 € 2nd Balcony: from 10 to 28 € 3rd Balcony: from 10 to 18 €
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