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  • LES LUCIOLES present HATE LETTERS with Roland GIRAUD and Maaike Jansen Wednesday, November 6 at 20:30 at Théâtre Jean-Alary. A comedy by Thierry Lassalle directed by Anne Bourgeois. Scenario: Mary and Jacques love each other. And like all people who love each other, they sometimes hate each other. Even, to leave. But it's not easy to hate yourself and leave each other. Especially when we love each other. So, they write to each other. Letters of humor and humor, angry, cruel, cruel, full of bad faith, improbable reproaches, petty cowardice and absurd threats. Letters of passionate hatred that we write when we can no longer talk to each other and say we love each other - but we realize that, ultimately, what we do best in life is laughing together and loving each other. Prices: Orchestra / 1st Balcony: from 10 to 36 € 2nd Balcony: from 10 to 26 € 3rd Balcony: from 10 to 12 €
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