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  • NOUVELLE SCENE presents INAVOUABLE with Véronique JANNOT and Jean-Luc MOREAU in a play written by Éric Assous and directed by Jean-Luc Moreau assisted by Anne-Poirier BUSSON. They will be on the stage stage of the Théâtre Jean Allary on Tuesday, November 26 at 20:30. Scenario: Gaspard and Clemence are happy. Young retirees with comfortable incomes, they live in a beautiful apartment and apart from some bickering that are only the expression of their temperament, everything is fine. Lucas, their 30 year old son, married Manon and they had a little baby that Gaspard and Clémence keep from time to time. And then one day, a quarrel broke out between the two newlyweds in front of Gaspard and Clemence. Must their son divorce? Gaspard is for, Clemence is against. Each exposes his argument in a very relative calm. Other confessions, will disturb the couple ... When Lucas and Manon, reconciled, reappear, it is Gaspard and Clemence who are about to divorce. But the theatrical stops do not stop there ... Prices: Orchestra / 1st Balcony: from 10 to 36 € 2nd Balcony: from 10 to 26 € 3rd Balcony: from 10 to 12 €
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