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  • CHARD CAILLAT - ARTS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT presents L'ORDRE DES CHOSES with Pascal LÉGITIMUS Pascale Louange and Valentin de Carbonnière on Wednesday, November 13 at 8:30 pm at Théâtre Jean-Alary. A one-and-a-half-hour play written by Marc Fayet was staged by Richard Berry. Scenario: At sixty Bernard Hubert has finally set and lives the perfect love with Juliette who is more than twenty years younger than him. Only small shadow in their relationship, Juliette would like to have a child but Bernard is sterile. In the end it was what Juliet believed until Thomas, a sympathetic thirty-something, suddenly burst in and pretended to be Bernard's son. Bernard will now have to explain to Juliette how he could have had a child and why he can not anymore. Complex mission for the one who knew without knowing. Bernard Hubert and Juliette, his young companion, see Thomas arrive who assures, DNA test in support, that he is the son of Bernard. Problem: Bernard Hubert claims that he has always been sterile! Another problem: Juliet does not seem insensitive to the boy's charm. Would Bernard have opened the door to his son or his rival? Prices: Orchestra / 1st Balcony: from 10 to 43 € 2nd Balcony: from 10 to 28 € 3rd Balcony: from 10 to 18 €
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