Carcassonne IN-OFF Festival

In the top 5 festivals in France we find the festival of Carcassonne. An essential meeting place for music, dance, circus, theater and classical music lovers, it is well worth the detour to enhance its summer season with shows and renowned artists.

Unique festival that takes place each summer in an exceptional setting: the City of Carcassonne where we can meet the greatest national and international artists.

Theater, Circus, Opera, Classical, Dance, Concerts are the themes proposed each year during the Festival of Carcassonne. A cultural diversity that is now the identity of this popular and demanding festival, where all the arts are represented.

The advantage is that there is something for everyone, and paying or not, quality is no exception to the rule. The Carcassonne festival offers an eclectic program that will delight all lovers of entertainment and culture. The festival will once again show a hundred shows in one month. An event of magnitude that will host the beat of foot measurements, and sharpen ears and pupils.

The theater of the medieval city, becomes a high place of show welcoming many artists. The magic of this place bringing together quality artists and technical means, offers the public great moments of emotions.

With a festival IN which takes place mainly in the theater of the medieval city and a festival OFF (free), every day concerts in intimate places where the artist is closer to his audience.

With ever more ambitious programming, the Festival is recognized and referenced by the French Federation of International Music Festivals (France Festivals label).

Sponsored since 2011 by Francis Huster, the Carcassonne Festival continues to grow through the diversity and quality of its programming, the inauguration of new scenic venues and ever-increasing attendance.

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