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  • As part of International Women's Rights Day, the Essarts, arts and culture area of Bram will present, from March 8, 2020 (opening at 11:30 am) in the heart of the “Reception Hall”, the works of four artists gathered in an exhibition entitled “In tiny flutter of eyelashes”… ANNIE BUGNON presents sculptures that pay tribute to the work of the embroiderers and lace makers of yesteryear. Their gestures, mainly assigned to women, are taken up and diverted by the artist, who collects, washes, irons, patiently unpicks pieces of embroidered fabrics left behind. This profusion of materials is then sorted, assembled, carefully rearranged to give life to his sculptures inspired by mythological and medieval stories such as those of Pyrenees or Lilith. KARINE LHÉMON also revisits female figures from Greco-Roman mythology and Christianity. Her photographic series “Nora, with a thousand and one faces” reifies the stories of victorious women, rooted in glorious bodies. Like the triptychs "Dryad and Venus", Nora assumes the attributes of free and haughty women, in which her body merges into the "tree of the Hesperides", or emerges from the foam of the waves, renewing wild ties with the forces of nature. Using the photographic medium, LOUVE DANS LES ÉTOILES nourishes her work with poetic visions, represented by film overlays, fragments and decompositions. It presents a series of mosaics “The woman-eagle” which unrolls the facets of a power, a resistance, a rebellion of women in all forms of domination and repression. It refers to the ambiguity of animality, overhangs and surpasses, tenacious. Beget and transcend. Rapacious. Finally, through the installation of REBECCA YOUNG, “Matrice, une chambre à soi”, a naked woman's body appears like an island floating in weightlessness on the ceiling of the exhibition space. Composed of photographs taken in a camera obscura (device evoking both the place of origin and Platonic cave, symbol of the data of our senses and their received ideas) the work is witness to the need, especially for a woman, to cultivate a place of free introspection and intimate creative energy. Through a skillful scrambling of landmarks, the body dissolves into an iconic, even almost sculptural figure that invites the viewer to invent their own story, between dreamlike fiction and reality. The exhibition is open from March 8 to April 4, 2020 from Wednesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00. Free admission.
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  • From March 8, 2020
    until April 4, 2020
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